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    Training Programme Schedule for the year 2013-14
    Download : Annual Report 2011-2012
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    NSS-TOC organizes orientation and refresher courses for the Programme Officers of NSS from various colleges of Maharashtra. The centre has received inputs from junior colleges and the senior wing of different disciplines, i.e., arts, commerce, science, technical, medical and agriculture. All participants are regular and approved teachers from the respective colleges. TOC also trains programme officers from selected ITIs in Maharashtra.
    Dr. R.J. BarnabasM.Sc., Ph.D.Principal, Ahmednagar College 
    Prof. K.K. Kanojia NSS Head & Coordinator (Trg.) Ahmednagar 
    Prof. N.S. Gaikwad Vice-Principal, Ahmednagar College & Rector of NSS Hostel 
    Prof. Manoj Wahane Lecturer NSS-ETI, Ahmednagar 
    Mr. Santosh Kamble Office Superintendent NSS-ETI, Ahmednagar 
    Mr. Ramesh Waghmare Supportive staff NSS-ETI, Ahmednagar 
    Mrs. Vidya Jadhav Supportive staff NSS-ETI, Ahmednagar 
    Mrs. Shital Badage Supportive staff NSS-ETI, Ahmednagar 
    Mr. Vijay Sable Supportive staff NSS-ETI, Ahmednagar 
    Mrs. Indira Fale Mess Assistance