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From The Principal's Desk

  • Nothing is as difficult as beginning, according to the English poet Byron, yet everything has to start somewhere. No matter how small the beginning, mighty things can grow from it. For this, I believe, earnest effort is needed from every single individual and unit. We are all tiny cogs in a giant machine, but each part is vitally important. If one cog stops functioning, the whole machinery comes to standstill. As the saying goes every hand to the plough.

    There are one or two points I would like to emphasize particularly. Transparency in everything we do, in dealing with anyone, with whom we come in contact, must be a major aim. We owe it to the society around us. It is expected of us. Another duty we have is to help those young people with ability to reach the highest potential they are capable of. There will be many with lesser talents who also need our earnest attention, and we must give it to them.

    In conclusion I would like to add that I have a firm conviction that if we continue in the same vein as we are , we will be able to take this great institution of ours to greater heights, so that it retains its rightful position as one of the premiere institutes of learning in Maharashtra and our Country. Let us therefore all think of the future as a promised land , which we all must strive to reach.

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A young dynamic scholar with tremendous administrative acumen, he has been the driving force behind many of the innovative activities that are being undertaken at the College. Dr. R.J. Barnabas has a distinguished academic background. Ever since he took his Ph. D. in Biochemistry, he has been actively involved in scholarly pursuit and research activities. He has published articles in reputed journals, and his special field of interest is Genetic Engineering. To the students of the College he is a motivating teacher, to the staff he is a cordial colleague and to the non-teaching staff, he is a friend and benefactor. The visionary traits in him are visible in the novel plans he has been formulating for the prosperous future of Ahmednagar College.

Membership / Participation in Bodies /Committees in Education etc.
1Nations Economic For Health And Educational Growth, Delhi
2National Integration & Economic Council, New Delhi,
3Akhil Maharashtra Patrakar Wa Patralekhak Sangh, Mumbai.
4India Solidarity Council, New Delhi.
5Health and Education Development Association, New Delhi
6The Economic and Human Resource Development Association. Delhi
7International Institute of Education & Management New Delhi

List of Publications
1S. M. Bhat, P. S. Gambhir, R. J. Barnabas, et al (1989 )Paper entitled ' Presentation of Thallasaemia in Indian Children - A Pointer towards separate molecular identity. Medical Journal of Western India Vol. 17 PP 20 - 23.
2M. P. Bankar, S. L. Kate, S. A. Ranade, R. J. Barnabas, et al Paper entitled ' Prenatal diagnosis of Sickle Cell Anemia using Polymerase Chain Reaction ' Indian Pediatrics ( 1993 ) Vol. 30 No. 11 PP 1340 - 43.
3Satralkar Moses K, Encily R. Martin, R. J. Barnabas and Dilip S. Joshi (2004). Paper entitled ' Effect of light-dark regimes on the deviant sex-ratio in Drosophila rajasekari ' Zoology Department, Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar 414 001, M. S. India. DIS ( Volume 87 ) Science.
4Joshi, D.S., Barnabas, R.J., Kanojiya, M. and Parihar V.S (1999) Aging alters the properties of circadian pacemaker controlling the adult locomotor activity rhythm in Drosophila nasuta. Chronobiology International, 16:751-758.
5Khare, P.V., R.J. Barnabas, M.Kanojiya, A.D. Kulkarni and D.S.Joshi.(2002) Temperature dependant eclosion rhythmicity in the high altitude Himalayan strains of Drosophila ananassea. Chronobiology International. 19:1041-1052.
6Khare, P.V., V.L.Keny, C. Vanlalnghaka, M.K. Satralkar, M.S. Kasture, R.J. Barnabas and D.S.Joshi, (2004). Effects of temperature, photoperiod and light intensity of the eclosion rhythm of high altitude Himalayan strain of Drosophila ananassae. Chronobiol. International. 21:353-365.
7Vanlalnghakha, C., B.F. Pillai, V.L.Keny., R.J.Barnabas, S.J.Pandit and D.S.Joshi, (2004) Effect of psi-mutations on the oviposition rhythm in Drosophila rajasekari. Biological Rhythm Research, 34:435-446.

Seminars, Conferences, Symposia, Workshops Attended
1V. Keny, C. Vanlalnghaka, S.S. Hakim, R.J.Barnabas and D.S. Joshi (2007) Altitudinal variation in Phase response curves for the Himalayan Strains of Drosophila Helvetica. XIXth National Symposium on Chronobiology held on 7-9th Dec, 2007 at School of Biol. Sciences, MKU, Madurai.
2V. Keny, C. Vanlalnghaka, S.S. Hakim, R.J.Barnabas and D.S. Joshi (2007) Two oscillators might control the locomotor activity rhythm of the high altitude Himalayan Strain of Drosophila Helvetica. XIXth National Symposium on Chronobiology held on 7-9th Dec, 2007 at School of Biol. Sciences, MKU, Madurai.
3Attended the UGC Academic Staff College, Pune Sponsored Principal's workshop on ' Challenges in Higher Education ' at New Arts, com. & Sci. College, Ahmednagar on 28.1.06
4Participated in the XVI National Symposium on Chronobiology, Sponsored by CSIR, DST, ICMR, New Delhi, Held at Anna malai University Tamil Nadu October 30th - 31st, 2004.
5Attended 25th Annual Symposium of Indian Society of Chronobiology, Sponsored by INSA, DST, CSIR etc held at AMPRL Auditorium, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced CSIR and Scientific Research Bangalore 3rd - 4th September 2002.
6Attended workshop cum Seminar on National Environment Awareness Campaign - 2001. Sponsored by BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune, held at Department of Geography, BPHE Society's, Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar, 29th. March 2001.
7Participated in Staff Seminar on AIDS, Drugs and alcoholism Sponsored by BPHE Society's, Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar 15th January 1994.

Orientation & Refresher Courses Attended
SrnoOrientation andRefresher CourseName of InstitutionPeriod of CourseDate (From-To)Subjects
1Orientation CoursePune Univ.28 daysFeb-Mar97 
2Refresher Course (I)Pune Univ.28 daysSept-Oct.98Life Sciences
3Refresher Course (II)Pune Univ.28 daysNov. 99Biochemistry
4Refresher Course (III)Ahmednagar College21 daysJun-02Life Sciences