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    Department of Computer Science

    About :

         The B.C.S. / M.C.S, B.C.A./ MCA [Commerce, Science], BCA-Science degree courses have been introduced by the PUNE UNIVERSITY. It is the important step in the direction of educational reforms. A number of important changes have been taken place during the last decade in the corporate world and in the business environment. These changes have brought with them new challenges which can serve new opportunities. To prepare the new generation to face such challenges the universities and business institute are coming forward with lot of ideas and techniques.

    In the modern days the success of every student depends upon quick and effective adjustment with local, national and international environment. The globalisation process, the rush of multinationals into the Indian Markets and the new opportunities for the students to seek the job, the B.C.S. / M.C.S.,B.C.A./ M.C.A,BCA-Science courses help and provide opportunities to face all the problems in this new era.

    The MCS Course was introduced in Ahmednagar College in the year 1998, BCS in the year of 1998, Also B.C.A in the year of 2005 , M.C.A.[Commerce] Course in the year of 2009 and M.C.A.[Science] in the year of 2013, which is already having the A – Grade Award.

    At present the Principal of the college is Dr. R.J. Barnabas, the Grand son of founder Principal Rev. Dr. B.P. Hivale and the son of Rev. Prof. J. Barnabas and Dr. Sarala Barnabas. The HOD for the programme Prof. Sayyad Razak have given opportunity to the students to rise and shine.

    Placements are conducted every year.

    Programs Offered :

    ProgramJunior CollegeUnder GraduatePost GraduateResearchProgram Details
    Computer ScienceView
    Computer ApplicationView

    Faculty :
    FacultyQualificationDesignationExperience (Yrs.)EmailIDProfileProfile
    Dr. Razak SayyadM.C.S., M.Phil, Ph.D.Head, Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Deochake T.J.M.C.S.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Kulkarni R.G.M.C.S.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Mr. Rahul M. GhodkeM.C.S., M.PhilAsst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Hire S. J.M.C.S.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Shital l. ChobheM.C.A.Asst. Professor3  View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Walunjkar Prachi K.M.C.S.Asst. Professor4  View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Neha G. LalwaniM.Com., M.B.S.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Mr. Adhav Mahesh BaburaoM.C.A. (Commerce)Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Mr. Wable Vaibhav SubhashM.C.A.Asst. Professor3  View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Mr. Kadam Revananath RohidasM.C.A.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Thorat Yogini GorakhnathM.C.S.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Galbote Monika AmbadasM.C.S.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Sarika Suresh KulkarniM.C.S.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Shraddha Madhukar SalveM.Sc., B.Ed.Asst. Professor3  View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms.Sayyed Ayeshah IqbalM.Com. Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Suvarna Jalander PardeshiM.C.S.Asst. Professor3  View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Nikita Vijay MunotM.C.S.Asst. Professor2  View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Shinde Snehal ShriramM.Sc.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Madhavi Madhukar DetheM.C.S.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Nivedita Pratik WaghmareM.C.A.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. (Dethe) Chavan Namrata NavnathM.Sc. Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ms. Patel Sana SalimM.C.S.Asst. View DOWNLOAD PDF