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  • IQAC
    BPHE Society’s Ahmednagar College

    The Internal Quality Assurance Cell plays an important role in ensuring qualitative functioning of administrative and academic units of the College. The IQAC continuously reviews the functioning of the various units of the College and facilitates necessary changes as and where required. The College adheres to the quality assurance mechanisms advocated by NAAC. It undertakes quality initiatives, prepares perspective plans, suggests new programs and activities, receives and analyses feedback. To ensure quality in the diverse functions of the college, IQAC promotes a culture of debate, communication and consensus among the various stakeholders. It strives to foster a harmonious, responsible and accountable atmosphere on the College campus so that the overall educational endeavors find success.

    Date of Establishment: 7.01.2004


    To develop systematic quality processes in the College for evolving, enhancing and sustaining excellence in its academic and administrative practices and to set benchmarks for their periodic evaluation.


    To develop a conscious, consistent and catalytic quality improvement system that encourages the pursuits of the staff and students of the College. To promote innovative practices to continually improve the effectiveness of the teaching-learning experiences of the staff and students. To strive to realize the mottoes of the College through the best possible implementation of the plans and policies of the Management, University and the Government pertaining to knowledge production and dissemination. To ensure a learner-centric environment equipped with the latest techniques and technologies of teaching, researching and sharing knowledge.

    IQAC Composition


    Dr. R.J. Barnabas Principal
    Dr. Kamalakar Bhat IQAC Coordinator & Vice Principal
    Professor Dr. B.M. Gaykar Vice Principal
    Dr. N. R Somvanshi Chief Course Coordinator Non Grant Courses
    Dr. Mohan Tholar Management Representative
    Dr. Suresh Pathare Management Representative
    Dr. John Uzagare Local Community Representative
    Dr. Sudhakar Kurhade Alumni Representative
    Dr. Nandakumar Jagtap External expert
    Mr. Suryakant Avhad Industry Representative
    Dr. A.V. Nagawade Member
    Dr. R. P. Deshmukh Member
    Dr. P.B. Shelke Member
    Dr. P.C. Bedarkar Member
    Dr. Shabnam Gurung Member
    Mr. Yogesh Yewale Member
    Mr. A. Y. Balid Registrar
    Mr. D.G. Patole Accountant
    Mr. Abhijeet Pandey Student Representative

    Quality initiatives

    i) Academic:

    a. Introduction of new courses such as research centres in Botany, English; MPhil in Physics, MA Psychology, MSc Biotechnology, MCA in Science; BLib, BCA in Science; diploma in Tourism and Travel Management.
    b. Several Short term value added ‘Certificate courses’ such as: Taxation, Computer Application, Mushroom Cultivation, Counselling, C++, Basic course in French, Basic course in German, Advanced course in German.
    c. Starting special UGC-assisted centres like Gandhian Centre, Human Rights education, Centre for Remedial Teaching, etc.

    ii) Use of ICT:

    a. Establishing new computer laboratories
    b. Provision of computers and internet to every department
    c. Provision of LCD projectors in several classrooms, Interactive Projectors in some classrooms
    d. Online admission
    e. Installation of the Wi-Fi system at various locations

    iii) Infrastructure:

    1. Intercom facility to all the departments
    2. Office room for the Resource Centre for Differently-abled
    3. Renovation of NSS-ETI office
    4. Renovation of library reading room
    5. Upgradation of Computer labs at Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Statistics, Geography, and Drug Chemistry departments
    6. Renovations in boys’ hostel and canteens
    7. Renovation of undergraduate Chemistry lab
    8. Facilities at various departments upgraded
    9. Renovation of class rooms and maintenance of college building
    10. Renovation of girl’s rest room.
    11. Renovation of various laboratories (Botany, Chemistry, Physics).
    12. Provision of drinking filtered water facility at ladies hostel, boy’s hostel and departments.
    13. Completion of Central Instrumentation Facility set up under the schemes of CPE and DST
    14. Construction of Back Office as a support system for Administrative work
    15. Setting up of infrastructure for the Research Centre for English and Commerce Research Centre
    16. Setting up of new PG laboratories in departments of Geography and Psychology
    17. Renovation of Boys Hostel bathroom and Toilet complex
    18. Renovation of Society office
    19. Maintenance and renovation of laboratories, hostel and library buildings and examination section.
    20. Improvement of facilities at Resource Centre for Differently-abled (up gradation)
    21. Setting up computer lab at Geography department
    22. Renovation of labs at Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology
    23. Expansion of Resource Centre for Differently-abled
    24. Renovation of recreation hall
    25. Setting up of new server for office automation
    26. Building additional washroom for boys and girls
    27. Setting up a common area for boys and girls near library
    28. Upgradation of examination section
    29. Installation of temperature & humidity display system
    30. Providing separate facility for Women’s Cell

    Quality Culture
    The IQAC has organized three workshops and one national seminar on issues pertaining to quality enhancement and sustenance.
    1. Workshop on Credit System and Evaluation Process – 14th August 2013
    2. Seminar on Innovative Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Techniques – 10th and 11th February 2014.
    3. One day Workshop on Ethics in Administration – 21st February 2015
    4. One day Workshop on Third Cycle Re-accreditation – 20th February 2016